Percussion instruments

Suzuki Tone Chime HB-250 *
Handchimes are an excellent and rewarding group instrument and the Suzuki Tonechimes are brilliantly made with an expressive and clear tone quality. 
Each chime is carefully crafted from a lightweight alumiunium alloy which not only ensures that the sound is expressive and resonant but that they are easy to play and hold.
Sometimes referred to as hand bells these chimes have a rounded tone chamber and a fully adjustable striking mechanism which enables you to vary the sound and volume.
Great for use in the classroom, each individual chime is labeled with the note name along with its enharmonic equivalent in the case of accidentals. There is also a small diagram picturing the notes exact position of the musical stave. 
This 25 note set has a range of G35 - G59 and comes complete in a solid, hard wearing carry case.

Accurate tuning and easy to play
Adjustable striking mechanism
Complete with sturdy hard-case with handle
Crafted from aluminium alloy for a lightweight instrument
Fully chromatic encompassing G35 - G59

  • Recommended retail price €1,289.00

Suzuki Bang Vang LTC-1G
The Suzuki BangVang is a portable cajon - actually a kind of Travel Cajon. The interior is divided into two compartments, giving you two pitches, just like with bongo cajons. Both the top, the bottom and the sides are playable. Thanks to the included carrying strap you can hang it around your neck and also play it standing or even walking. Dimensions: 22.8 x 8.2 x 29.1 cm. Weight: 737 grams. The supplied carrying strap has a total length of 98 cm. The BangVang is made of plywood.

Product specifications

portable cajon

color: green

material: plywood

dimensions: 22.8 x 29.1 x 8.2 cm

weight: 737 grams

including carrying strap

total length of strap: 98 cm (length adjustable)
  • Recommended retail price €199.00

Suzuki Pongo LTB-1M
The colorful Laptop Pongo from the Japanese brand Suzuki is a bongo cajon that you can wear around your neck thanks to the included carrying strap. Handy if you play standing or walking. Castanets are attached on both sides. Dimensions: 37.8 x 15 x 15.3 cm. Weight: 1.12 kg..  

Product specifications

bongo cajon colors: orange, yellow and green

castanets on both sides

material: plywood

 dimensions: 37.8 x 15 x 15.3 cm

weight: 1.12 kg

including length-adjustable carrying strap (maximum length 98 cm)
  • Recommended retail price €199.00

Suzuki Music Pad MP-8
This Music Pad set from Suzuki is great fun for children and very suitable for daycare, kindergarten and primary school. The set consists of 8 pads, which is 1 octave, from C1 to C2. Each note in the ladder has a different color and the pads contain the name of the note and the musical notation in the treble clef. In this way, children learn to make music in a playful way and to listen to each other and to work together in groups.

Suzuki MP-8 Music Pad C1 - C2 octave (set of 8)

Children can stand on the Music Pads, sit on it, clap it with their hands or with their elbows or knees. They are in fact a kind of fart pillows - in short, success and fun guaranteed with children! You can think of different educational games. The set may also be suitable for music therapy.

Product specifications

music pad set for children

range: 1 octave (C1 to C2)

each note has a different color (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, pink, red)

material: EVA (child-friendly, easy to clean)

dimensions per pad: 300 x 42 mm

weight per pad: 300 g

the bottom of the pads is colored light blue

  • Recommended retail price €520.00

Suzuki Sound Block SB-25
The Sound Blocks from Suzuki are fun instruments for every daycare, kindergarten, primary school or any other form of musical education or music education. The SB-25 has 25 individual chime bars with a chromatic range from C2 to C4. You can leave them in the case and play them like a chimes or xylophone, but you can also take them out of the case and use them separately. The set includes two pairs of mallets - four sticks in total. The sound bars are also interesting for music therapy.


Product specifications

sound block

set of 25

chromatic from C2 to C4

material sound bars: aluminum

can also be used individually

dimensions: 60 x 45 x 7 cm

weight: 6 kg

made in Japan

including wooden storage box and two pairs of mallets (4 sticks)

  • Recommended retail price €610.00

Suzuki Sound Block SB-13
A nice percussion instrument for every music room! The SB-13 Sound Block can be played as shown in the picture from the case as a kind of xylophone. But you can also use them individually, because they are not attached to each other. This way you have 13 tones that you can use or distribute in the classroom. Each tone has its own sound box. Range: C2 to F3. Also interesting for music therapy.

Product specifications

sound block

set of 13

material sound bars: aluminum

to be used individually

range: C2 to F3

dimensions: 49.5 x 27 x 8.3 cm

weight: 3.5 kg

made in Japan

including wooden storage box and mallets (sticks)

  • Recommended retail price €236.00

New product
Suzuki Push Pump P-Tunes MPP-8
When a push pump is pressed by hand, the air inside the pump is pushed out and the reed sounds.It is a set of one octave, 8 notes.
Place it on a desk etc., and press or strike the top middle center of the instrument to play. Pressing slowly to produce a long sound, pressing quickly to produce a short sound, pressing strongly to produce a loud sound, and pressing lightly to produce a soft sound.

c² - c³, 1 Octave 8notes set

Dia:82 x Height:60 mm

57g per pc

  • Recommended retail price €99.00