Suzuki Music Pad MP-8
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Suzuki Music Pad MP-8

This Music Pad set from Suzuki is great fun for children and very suitable for daycare, kindergarten and primary school. The set consists of 8 pads, which is 1 octave, from C1 to C2. Each note in the ladder has a different color and the pads contain the name of the note and the musical notation in the treble clef. In this way, children learn to make music in a playful way and to listen to each other and to work together in groups.

Suzuki MP-8 Music Pad C1 - C2 octave (set of 8)

Children can stand on the Music Pads, sit on it, clap it with their hands or with their elbows or knees. They are in fact a kind of fart pillows - in short, success and fun guaranteed with children! You can think of different educational games. The set may also be suitable for music therapy.

Product specifications

music pad set for children

range: 1 octave (C1 to C2)

each note has a different color (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, pink, red)

material: EVA (child-friendly, easy to clean)

dimensions per pad: 300 x 42 mm

weight per pad: 300 g

the bottom of the pads is colored light blue


  • Recommended retail price €520.00

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