Manji M-20


Most players love the sound of a traditional wooden comb, but wood is susceptible to moisture and expands without careful sealing. SUZUKI decided to take a bold new approach and created an all-new resin comb material, which has the durability, non-absorbency and warm timbre of a wooden comb. Not only does it simulate the feel and sound of wood – this material contains more than 50% of natural wood fibers. The Manji’s formidable stainless steel cover plates reflect the best of Suzuki innovation. To respond to the desires of blues and rock harmonica players, the back sides of the covers are fully open, for maximum sound projection. Carefully researched reed lengths and profiles combining dynamic sound, long endurance and easy over-blow characteristics, complete the picture. Combined with the ultra-precise reed attachment, they respond faithfully to every subtle nuance of the player’s breath. The Manji M-20 is available in a total 46 keys.

M-20 Available in 13 keys : C, G, A, D, E, F, B♭, B, F♯, E♭, A♭, D♭and Hi G

M-20-L Available 5 keys : Low C, Low D, Low E, Low E♭ and Low F

M-20Nm Natural Minor Key

M-20Hm Harmonic Minor

M-20CT Country

M-207th Major 7th Each available in 7 Keys : C, G, A, D, E, F and B♭