Wind Instruments

Suzuki Choir Horn Set of 8 pcs CH-8W V2
One octave 8 notes set choir horn.

Because the pitch differs by one octave by blowing and drawing, children can experience the relationship between different actions and different results/sounds. It is an easy-to-use one-octave 8 notes set as an introductory model.

Range: Blow c1 ~ c2  *only basic 8 notes.

Draw: c2 ~ c3 *only basic 8 notes.

Material: ABS

Dimension: Horn: 213 x 50 x 57 mm

Case: 530 x 250 x 70 mm

Weight Horn: 30g

Case: 800g

Accessories: Case · spare mouthpiece × 5 pieces

Remark Different sounds are produced by Blowing and Drawing.

*Drawing sound are one octave higher than blowing sound.
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Suzuki Push Pump P-Tunes MPP-8
When a push pump is pressed by hand, the air inside the pump is pushed out and the reed sounds.It is a set of one octave, 8 notes.
Place it on a desk etc., and press or strike the top middle center of the instrument to play. Pressing slowly to produce a long sound, pressing quickly to produce a short sound, pressing strongly to produce a loud sound, and pressing lightly to produce a soft sound.

c² - c³, 1 Octave 8notes set

Dia:82 x Height:60 mm

57g per pc

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