The G-48's powerful and intense sound is combined with unique dark blue cover-plates. Their special plating is not just beautiful, but has high durability characteristics. This plating material is renowned for its longevity. The G-48W has a mellower and darker sound. The high durability Walnut cover-plates gives an elegant sophisticated look. These wooden covers create easy and secure handling, high durability and a beautiful dark sound in the overtones. The G-48W is the first-ever mass-produced chromatic harmonica with wooden covers

De Luxe Suzuki Gregoire Maret G-48W (Wood), 12 gaats, 48 tonig c1 tot d4. Een prachtig afgewerkte chromaat met een warme en volle klank. Leverbaar in stemming C. - Stemplaten : brons. - Stemtongen : brons. - Afdekplaten : hout. - Mondstuk : messing verchroomd. - Schuif : messing verchroomd. - Afmetingen 155x45x30 mm. - Gewicht 312 gr. - Inclusief luxe opbergdoos
  • Recommended retail price €758.00

The Suzuki Gregoire Maret G-48, 12 holes, 48 tones c1 to d4. This harp has a nice full sound. Available in the key of C. - Reed Plates bronze. - Voice Tongues bronze. - Cover plates metal, durable blue coating. - Chrome-plated brass nozzle. - Slide brass plated. - Dimensions 155x45x30 mm. - Weight 341 gr. - Including luxurious storage box.
  • Recommended retail price €663.00