Fabulous F


Superb air-tightness and instant response of the reeds to every breath creates a feeling of euphoria for every player when they first try Suzuki’s all-new Fabulous Chromatic Harmonica. The rich timbre of the Fabulous is a result of 21st century design, matched with respect for the best aspects of tradition, embodied in top-quality components manufactured with Suzuki’s high accuracy processes. F-64C 16 hole, Cross-alignment slide (pictured) F-48C 12 hole, Cross-alignment slide F-48S 12 hole, Straight-alignment slide F-48SQ 12 hole, Straight-alignment slide, Square shape mouthpiece hole

Only C key is available

Sirius S


The Suzuki ‘Sirius’ combines excellent sound production and elegant design which will impress both audience and players alike. Suzuki have used their vast experience and know-how to invent the ‘Fabulous’ series, which in turn has led to the creation of the ‘Sirius’. Every detail about the design of the ‘Sirius’ has been carefully researched, resulting in a new standard of Chromatic Harmonica. This unique model allows the player to perform a wider range of playing expressions.


Chromatix SCX


If harmonicas can be described as luxurious, the Suzuki Chromatix Series surely qualify. These 12, 14 and 16 hole harmonicas are gorgeous to look at, substantial to hold and a pleasure to play. Comfortable and airtight, the Chromatix Series is specially designed for professionals and hand constructed by skilled workers . . . one at a time. Features include ergonomically designed mouthpiece, precise and smooth slide mechanism, ABS comb, phosphor bronze reeds, extra thick brass reed plates and chrome plated covers. Exquisite attention to detail makes these the most airtight chromatics ever produced by a major manufacturer. You only have to play a Chromatix once to hear and feel the difference. Their smooth tone production and quick response will allow you to advance your playing level far ahead of what you thought possible. Each Chromatix harmonica is packed in its own deluxe soft lined case.



The G-48's powerful and intense sound is combined with unique dark blue cover-plates. Their special plating is not just beautiful, but has high durability characteristics. This plating material is renowned for its longevity. The G-48W has a mellower and darker sound. The high durability Walnut cover-plates gives an elegant sophisticated look. These wooden covers create easy and secure handling, high durability and a beautiful dark sound in the overtones. The G-48W is the first-ever mass-produced chromatic harmonica with wooden covers