Chromatix SCX


If harmonicas can be described as luxurious, the Suzuki Chromatix Series surely qualify. These 12, 14 and 16 hole harmonicas are gorgeous to look at, substantial to hold and a pleasure to play. Comfortable and airtight, the Chromatix Series is specially designed for professionals and hand constructed by skilled workers . . . one at a time. Features include ergonomically designed mouthpiece, precise and smooth slide mechanism, ABS comb, phosphor bronze reeds, extra thick brass reed plates and chrome plated covers. Exquisite attention to detail makes these the most airtight chromatics ever produced by a major manufacturer. You only have to play a Chromatix once to hear and feel the difference. Their smooth tone production and quick response will allow you to advance your playing level far ahead of what you thought possible. Each Chromatix harmonica is packed in its own deluxe soft lined case.