Bass Drum Beaters

Vater Vintage Bomber BD Beater VBVB
The Vintage Bomber was designed in collaboration with Otis Brown III, drummer for Jazz Great Joe Lovano. The Vintage Bomber was conceived and designed to replicate the soft but boomy bass drum tones of the great jazz era. The Vintage Bomber's cork center is wrapped with a soft and puffy synthetic covering and is reminiscent in look, feel and sound to the original lamb's wool beaters from decades ago.

  • Recommended retail price €40.69

Vater Bass Drum Beater Natural Wood VBNW
Made from the finest materials available.
-Hard Steel Shaft
-Perm-lock Safety Nut
-Ball Balanced for Speed

"Vater's wood beater feels like the most articulate of the entire group. Even very fast triplet figures at low volumes are clear and defined. That high-end clarity translates well to loud play." - DRUM! Magazine
  • Recommended retail price €38.45