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Length 16" |  40.64 cm

Grip 0.610" |  1.55 cm

A truly unique model with no taper or tip made from "dark" hickory. This double butt-end stick has no finish or lacquer, which leaves a comfortable sanded finish. The Alien Freak design, weight and size gives a powerful and solid feel with a huge amount of volume from around the kit. Hickory.

"Finally a stick for someone with one thing in mind… DESTRUCTION! With the dual butt-end design, my Alien Freak gives you all the power you need without compromising one bit of feel… they're from another planet!" - Morgan Rose

“The 908 is the result of total collaboration and discovery with Vater. We’ve created a drumstick that’s truly unique and that has its own character, but feels familiar and versatile, to suit any drummer’s style.” – Jay Weinberg [Slipknot] #1 Rock Drummer - 2020 Modern Drummer Readers Poll.

Playing in a band like Slipknot, you have to have a stick in your hands that combines several key elements: response, tone, and feel without sacrificing durability and comfort. Jay Weinberg took all his favorite features of several Vater models that he has used over the years and applied them to his 908 design.

The Vater Jay Weinberg 908 is in between a 5A and 5B for a comfortable grip. It adds 1/4" length for some added reach. The 908 has a quick taper for a slight forward throw but with a fast response. The medium sized barrel tip delivers a defined ride cymbal tone without lacking volume to cut through while putting out full drum tones.

All these elements make the 908 a great stick for playing at both medium to high tempos with fast fills and for also more straight ahead rock, groove playing.

Educator Mike Johnston's 2451 is a great all-around design that can be used in any musical style. It has a grip size between a 5A and 5B with a gradual taper to a barrel tip for ride cymbal definition. The gradual taper gives the model a fantastic and quick feel around the kit.

The 2451 model is available in both Hickory and Sugar Maple. The Sugar Maple version is perfect for lower volume and lesson room type settings, while the Hickory version is the right choice for live and harder hitting performance settings.

"The maple version is lighter and airier than its hickory counterpart, making it a better choice for practicing or for softer playing situations, whereas the firmer hickory model aptly lends itself to heavier hitting. The wood type is the only difference between the two versions, so if you want to swap out the lighter maple for the more durable hickory during a live set, rest assured that the basic feel will remain consistent." - Modern Drummer Magazine  

Length 16 1/8" | 40.96 cm

Grip 0.555" | 1.41 cm

Very responsive, comfortable and “quick feeling" stick with a touch extra in length. With a gradual taper to an acorn style tip for full sounding drum tones, the Philly Style is a great stick for any style musical application. Hickory.

"When you think about Philadelphia, what comes to mind? Cheesesteaks, Sixers, Music, Brotherly Love…now think Vater!" -Lil' John Roberts

Derek's model is in between a 5A and 5B in the grip. The stick features a really quick taper to a small acorn tip for warm but defined cymbal tones. A great stick for a variety of musical applications.

"My new Vater signature model drumstick gives me exactly what I need… Perfect size and feel....Not too big, not too small. Perfect balance.... Weighted just right at the tip and butt. Added length gives me that little extra reach. Perfect well in quite, loud or any other situations I find myself playing in. Perfection! Perfect for me. Perfection? Could it be perfect for you?" - Derek Roddy

Length 16 5/8" |  42.23 cm

Grip 0.600" |  1.52 cm

A perfect stick choice for when a 5B is too light and a 2B/Rock model is too heavy. The slightly enlarged diameter, heavier taper and little extra length make Abe’s model great for harder hitting drummers but is also very suitable for laid back/solid groove playing. The medium sized acorn tip delivers warm but articulate tones from around the kit.

“Offering balance, consistency, great feel and ultimate durability. My Vaters bring me pure joy and peace of mind. My search is over….I have found my sticks!!!” Abe Cunningham [Deftones]

"Although this is an extra-long stick, it didn’t feel oversized. In fact, it had a great combination of forward-leaning throw and nimble rebound. If you play anything like Cunningham, whose style features a lot of intricate flourishes as well as aggressive backbeats and fills, then you’ll find everything you need in this stick. It has the perfect balance of power and grace." - Modern Drummer Magazine

 Length16.375" | 41.59cm Grip 0.625" | 1.59cm. Similar to a 2B in grip, Virgil's stick has a beefy shoulder and quick taper to a rounded barrel shaped tip. A great solid-feeling stick for when volume and projection are needed. Hickory.

"I've been accused of "cutting loose" on the's my Vater sticks that propel me."

"I started using the Virgil Assault model because I love the shape of the stick. It's the perfect beast between the 5B and the Morgan Alien Freak stick because of the taper and tip. This stick is CRUSHING when I need to lay it down T. Lee style and graceful when I wanna bust out the Stewart Copeland chops." - Will Hunt [Evanescence / Vasco Rossi]

Length16 1/2" | 41.91cm Grip 0.595" | 1.51cm. This design comes from one of the most respected musicians in the Gospel scene and drummer for Israel Houghton and New Breed, Big Mike Clemons. Mike's design measures out just under a 5B in the grip with an extra 1/2" in length for added reach around the kit. With a quick taper and a classic acorn style tip for full drum and cymbal tones, this model is very durable and responsive. Mike's model also features Vater's Nude Series finish for a comfortable, unlaquered grip.



Length16" | 40.64cm Grip 0.580" | 1.47cm. Between a 5A & 5B, with a quick taper and heavy shoulder. A bit more weight up top for a solid feel, great response and durability, yet still sensitive enough for lighter playing. A slightly enlarged version of a 5A tip. Hickory.

"Check out the wood I created! Simple yet versatile. Straight-forward yet flexible. Whether I'm playing punk rock, pop or anything in-between, the H-220 lets me easily switch gears without having to switch sticks." - Josh Freese


Length16 3/4" | 42.55cm  Grip0.580" | 1.47cm

Mike Mangini’s new unique American Hickory design starts out at .580” (1.47cm) in the grip and increases slightly towards the middle of the stick until it reaches .620” (1.57cm) and then tapers back down to an acorn tip. Mike’s reason for this design is so that the stick has a slightly added front weight for a solid, consistent “throw” and transient sound. With the extra length, you can adjust how much front weight you’re implementing by slightly moving your fulcrum point up or down on the stick. You’ll also get a fat sounding rimshot crack from the added front weighted taper.