Vater 5A Nylon Tip VH5AN
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Vater 5A Nylon Tip VH5AN

Length16" | 40.64cm Grip0.570" | 1.45cm. Zeer goede gebalanceerde stok. Zwaarder naar de tip toe voor een snelle attack en respons op de drums. Ook beschikbar in Sugar Maple, Nude Series, Eternal Black en Color Wrap.

 "I can't play with any other size sticks except for the Vater 5A sticks I love the weight & the durability it has. Once you go 5A you won't go back" - Amadeus [Trey Songz]


  • Adviesprijs € 14,00


 "I really enjoy the Vater 2B's because of how strong and durable they are. I tend to hit very hard so I like a pair of sticks that can take plenty of punishment without worrying about them breaking off in my hand every song. I added weight of the sticks helps me to really lay into every hit and make sure that I get the most out of each drum." - Chris Vest [Framing Hanley]