Vater Virgil Donati's Assault Wood VHVIRGW

Vater Virgil Donati's Assault Wood VHVIRGW

 Length16.375" | 41.59cm Grip 0.625" | 1.59cm. Similar to a 2B in grip, Virgil's stick has a beefy shoulder and quick taper to a rounded barrel shaped tip. A great solid-feeling stick for when volume and projection are needed. Hickory.

"I've been accused of "cutting loose" on the's my Vater sticks that propel me."

"I started using the Virgil Assault model because I love the shape of the stick. It's the perfect beast between the 5B and the Morgan Alien Freak stick because of the taper and tip. This stick is CRUSHING when I need to lay it down T. Lee style and graceful when I wanna bust out the Stewart Copeland chops." - Will Hunt [Evanescence / Vasco Rossi]


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