The KG 1 is a 10-inch guitar amplifier with a 6" speaker. The KG1 provides a nice clean sound, and when the Gain switch is turned on, you can enjoy the Classic Rock sound up to Metal. (Mm): 275 x 275 x 155. Weight: 3.7 kg.


Headphone Jack
Channels 1 + Switchable Gain
Speaker 1 x 6 "" Kustom
RMS Output 10 Watts

The KUA10 KIT is a portable amplifier package specially designed to amplify the unique characteristics of a Ukulele. With its portable size, adjustable shoulder strap & the ability to run off 6-AA batteries, allows the player to take their performance anywhere. The KUA10 KIT also has an AUX input, to listen or play along with, and a headphone output (disconnects internal speaker) for playing privately.


10-watt continuous Class- A/B Power

Proprietary Preamp Circuitry fine-tuned to accurately reproduce the complex tones from a Ukulele

Special peel & stick-on Ukulele pick up

Adjustable shoulder strap

Can operate on 6-AA batteries (not included) as well as AC power adaptor (included)

RMS Wattage 5 Watts RMS
Channels 1
Instrument Input 1-1/4 inch
Tone Controls 1-Four Position Bass Response
Volume Control 1
External Speaker Jack Three 1/4-inch to match speaker cabinet. 4-, 8-, 16-Ohms (Designed to accommondate ONE speaker cabinet like Defender 1x12 @ 16 Ohms)
Dimensions 5 H x 12.4 W x 7.2 D
Dimensions (mm) 12.75 H x 31.5 W x 18.28 D, 3.2 kg.
Weight 7.0000
Power Tubes EL84
Tube Preamp 12AX7

MS Wattage                16 Watts

Speaker                         Sienna 8-inch

Horn Type                      No

Instrument Input            Yes

Tone Controls                 Low, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, High

Effects                            Analog Reverb

Effects Loop                   No

External Speaker Jack   Yes

Headphone Jack            Yes

Dimensions                    12.75H x 16W x 8.5D

Dimensions (mm)           324H x 406W x 215D

Weight                            8,5 kg

Feeback Filter                No

Line Output                    No

Microphone Input           Yes, 1/4-inch

The MOD-L20 from Kustom is the world’s easiest to use modeling amp.

Just choose the amp model and adjust the volume, that’s it. All the tweaking has already been done. The MOD-L20’s amp models are created from more than 20-different amp profiles, 24-different gain/distortion types. EQ’s, cabinet simulators, as well as digital reverbs, delays, and modulation effects.  It’s a powerful device housed in a real wood cabinet. The MOD-L20 also has an AUX input, to listen or play along with, and a headphone output (disconnects internal speaker) for playing privately.



20 watt power

8’’ speaker

24 presets

LCD display

6 unique amp models

6 effects types

3 cabinet simulations

Onboard tuner

Headphone/ line out jack

Aux input Jack

Innovative power amp overdrive simulation circuit

Plug and Play amp with iconic amps and effects

RMS Wattage: 30 Watts

Speaker: Sienna 10"

Horn Type: High-Frequency Driver

Input Configuration: Yes

Tone Controls: 3-Band

Effects: 8 24-bit Digital

Effects Loop: No

External Speaker Jack: Yes

Headphone Jack: Yes

Footswitch: Yes (Effects on/off)

Dimensions: 15H x 18.2W x 9.7D

Dimensions (mm): 380H x 460W x 245D

Weight: 14 kg

Feeback Filter: Yes

Line Output: Yes

RMS Wattage: 100 Watts RMS

Speaker: 1 x 12" Kustom

Channels: Lead, Rhythm

Instrument Input: 1

Tone Controls: Bass, Middle, Treble

Effects Reverb, Delay, Chorus

Gain Control: Yes, Lead Channel

Volume Control: 2

Solo Boost: Yes (w/Optional Footswitch)

Effects Loop:   Yes

External Speaker Jack: Yes

Headphone Jack: Yes (3.5 mm)

Auxiliary Input: Yes (3.5 mm)

Footswitch : Optional (Channels/Boost)

Dimensions (mm): 481 (H) x 531 (W) x 277 (D)

De DEEP210 heeft de klassieke Deep End 210H-esthetiek en heeft de luidsprekers geüpgraded voor een hoger aangedreven, efficiëntere passieve baskast. De DEEP210 verwerkt niet alleen meer wattage dan de DE210H, hij produceert ook een hoger volume op hetzelfde vermogensniveau, waardoor je bas door het hele publiek wordt gehoord en gevoeld. De DEEP210 van 8 ohm is ontworpen om te worden bespeeld met model DE1200HD. Met een vermogen tot 1000 watt piek en 500 watt continu vermogen geeft dit de DEEP210 een enorme stoot!

RMS Wattage: 500 Watts RMS

Output Power: 1000W Peak

Speaker: Two 10" Kustom speakers

Horn Type: High Frequency Piezo

Cabinet: Plywood Baffle

Impedance: 8 Ohms

RMS Wattage: 65 Watts

Speaker Sienna: 12-inch

Horn Type: High Frequency Driver

Instrument Input: 1/4-inch (x2)

Tone Controls: 2-Band Instrument/w 3-Band Mic

Effects:  8 24-Bit Digital

Effects Loop: Yes (Send & Return Jacks)

Headphone Jack: No

Footswitch: Yes (Effects on/off)

Dimensions: 17.5H x 21W x 11.5D

Dimensions (mm): 445H x 535W x 292D

Weight: 21,8

Feeback Filter: Yes

Line Output: Yes

Microphone Input: XLR

The DEEP115 took the classic Deep End 115H aesthetics and upgraded the speaker to make it a more efficient, higher powered bass cabinet. This new bass cabinet not only handles more wattage than the DE115H, it also produces higher volumes at the same power level, making your bass heard and felt by the entire audience. Rated at 8 ohms, the DEEP115 was designed to be played in conjunction with model DE1200HD. Handling as much as 700 watts peak and 350 watts continuous power the DEEP115 packs a mighty punch!


RMS Wattage: 350 Watts RMS

Output Power: 700 Watts Peak

Speaker: 15" Speaker

Horn Type: High Frequency Piezo

Cabinet: Plywood Baffle

Dimensions: 23" (W) x 17" (D) x 23" (H)

Dimensions (mm):  584mm (W) x 431.8mm (D) x 584mm (H)

Impedance: 8 Ohms