Suzuki Sound Block SB-25
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Suzuki Sound Block SB-25

The Sound Blocks from Suzuki are fun instruments for every daycare, kindergarten, primary school or any other form of musical education or music education. The SB-25 has 25 individual chime bars with a chromatic range from C2 to C4. You can leave them in the case and play them like a chimes or xylophone, but you can also take them out of the case and use them separately. The set includes two pairs of mallets - four sticks in total. The sound bars are also interesting for music therapy.


Product specifications

sound block

set of 25

chromatic from C2 to C4

material sound bars: aluminum

can also be used individually

dimensions: 60 x 45 x 7 cm

weight: 6 kg

made in Japan

including wooden storage box and two pairs of mallets (4 sticks)


  • Recommended retail price €610.00