Suzuki Sound Block SB-13
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Suzuki Sound Block SB-13

A nice percussion instrument for every music room! The SB-13 Sound Block can be played as shown in the picture from the case as a kind of xylophone. But you can also use them individually, because they are not attached to each other. This way you have 13 tones that you can use or distribute in the classroom. Each tone has its own sound box. Range: C2 to F3. Also interesting for music therapy.

Product specifications

sound block

set of 13

material sound bars: aluminum

to be used individually

range: C2 to F3

dimensions: 49.5 x 27 x 8.3 cm

weight: 3.5 kg

made in Japan

including wooden storage box and mallets (sticks)


  • Recommended retail price €236.00