Suzuki Mini Glockenspiel Alto MSG-13
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Suzuki Mini Glockenspiel Alto MSG-13

The range of this chimes, or glockenspiel, ranges from C3 to A4 - exactly the range of a soprano voice. You can remove the sound bars that you do not need for a certain song, so that you only have the tones that are used. A glockenspiel like this is not only fun for children, but also suitable for adults. Two mallets (sticks) are supplied with a cup on each side - the red and black cups each give a different sound. Three extra chime bars are also included. By default, you have access to all the 'white keys' of the piano - in other words, the diatonic scale in C. For some songs you also need other tones, which is why three extra bars are included. An F # 3, a Bb3 and an F # 4 .. A nice addition to any classroom!

Product specifications

mini glockenspiel (chimes)

range: C3 to A4 (soprano)

16 tones

including F # 3, Bb3 and F # 4 bars

material bars: steel

case material: wood (MDF)

C diatonic

including two double-sided mallets

dimensions: 340 x 110 x 28 mm

weight: 615 gr


  • Recommended retail price €122.00