List of products by brand AMUSE

Gitaar voor beginners
Guitar for beginners. Learn quick guitar thanks to clear picture previews instead of complicated explanation. Includes full accompaniment tracks to put into practice everything you've learned.
  • Recommended retail price €19.00

Starter Pack Ukulele + DVD-NL
Colorful gift box with everything you need to learn to play on your ukulele. This package includes the textbook Ukulele for beginners including CD, Ukulele DVD for beginners, Ukulele akkordboek, Ukulele strings and a ukulele vocal flute.
  • Recommended retail price €29.90

Zang voor beginners
ang for beginners, the complete illustrated guide for beginner singers written by Andr? ? s Andrade. Includes two CDs to sing along with free online downloads.
  • Recommended retail price €19.00