SIRIUS 64CW ''Wood''

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“Only one harmonica in the world’’

As a unique feature of wood, the same patterns and colors do not exist, so you can get only one harmonica in the world. In addition, you can feel the change in timbre by various factors such as the player getting used to the instrument, the instrument becoming familiar with the player, and the wooden cover itself transforming. The attractivity of wood is that the tone changes over time.’’

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        Range: 16holes, 64 notes cd⁴(C3 - D7)

    Materiaal: Cover: Walnut

          Body: ABS + Brass weight

 Mouthpiece: Brass + Silver plating

 Slide action: Long stroke (cross alignment)

 Afmetingen: 195 x 45 x 33mm

Gewicht: 352gr

     Accessoires: ABS case   

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