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Dixon Artisan Enchanted Satin Blue Revers Blue 6.5 x 14
Artisan Snare
Model No: PDSAN654EA
Size: 6.5″ x 14″
Shell: 20mm Thickness Ash Shell
Shell Finish: Enchanted Electric Blue Burst
Batter Side Head: Evans G1 Coated
Resonant Side Head: Evans SS Clear
Hoops: 2.3mm Triple Flanged Hoop
Hardware Finish: Chrome
Snare Throw-Off: Dixon Exclusive Flip-Drop Style
Snare Butt End: Adjustable Butt End
Accessory: FREE Drummer’s Pouch (click) Included!
  • Recommended retail price €659.00

Suzuki Pongo LTB-1M
The colorful Laptop Pongo from the Japanese brand Suzuki is a bongo cajon that you can wear around your neck thanks to the included carrying strap. Handy if you play standing or walking. Castanets are attached on both sides. Dimensions: 37.8 x 15 x 15.3 cm. Weight: 1.12 kg..  

Product specifications

bongo cajon colors: orange, yellow and green

castanets on both sides

material: plywood

 dimensions: 37.8 x 15 x 15.3 cm

weight: 1.12 kg

including length-adjustable carrying strap (maximum length 98 cm)
  • Recommended retail price €199.00